Services specialized in consultancy for the conceptualization, design and validation of architectures supporting the requirements of security, scalability, performance and efficiency for business applications making use of concepts and technologies such as JEE, SOA and ESB.

ITAC renders these services using the latest technologies, supported by a group of professionals with exceptional abilities and certifications.

The services keep in mind the planning, definition, implementation and revision of the integration and governability architectures of business applications, under strict world quality standards. The objective of these services is to provide efficient, dynamic and flexible TI Architectures applied on the specific concept of each business logic.

The ITAC Consultancy and Training team has ample experience in wide-ranging software projects and architectures, which allows the coordination of the business teams with the technical teams for the deployment of the IT plans into action.

The specialized consultant group will provide the tools to help your business define its IT strategy, on technologies and solutions during the design and/or review of your IT Architecture.

ITAC makes use of the last technologies and standard techniques of the market such as SOA, EAI, JEE, JMS, WebServices and BPEL, offering interoperability with systems such as Stratus, OS/390, AS400, Tandem, Adabas, SAP, databases, 3270, MQ Series, RSA, etc., using integration tools like Oracle Service Bus, Sun Java CAPS, OpenESB, Sun One Integration Server and custom-made development when required. ITAC implements governability and security solutions on existing SOA services platforms, using UDDI and ebXML repositories, such as Oracle Enterprise Repository, Sun Service Registry and FreebXML.


     Our Enterprise Architecture services include:

JEE architecture guidelines.

Guidelines and best practices for the Secure Applications Development .

Guidelines and best practices for SOA Governance.

Guidelines and best practices for SOA Security.

Coaching and Training: Training services and guidance on the following

JEE guidelines training

SOA security training

 -  SOA security guidelines

 -  SOA governability guidelines

Basic Cryptography Concepts

Product training (ITAC SecureFile® MFT e ITAC WS-Guardian®)



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